“Beautiful course. Perfect time of year to travel to Montana.”

Run the old Milwaukee and Northern Pacific Railroad grades from Mullan, Idaho to St. Regis, Montana near the summer solstice.  Gentle grades, beautiful scenery and moderate temperatures combine for an ultra great experience while crossing the Rocky Mountains.



Thank you Runners, Volunteers and Sponsors for a great race this weekend!  Round of applause for the citizens of St. Regis and Mineral County for welcoming all runners in grand form.   Also thanks to Matthew with Competitive Timing.  Questions, comments, suggestions all welcomed and encouraged.  Email me at jennifer@missoulabroadcasting.com.

RACE DATE: JUNE 20, 2015

50 Mile, 50K, 30K, 12K
Registration for the 2015 Trail Rail Run is open as of September 8, 2014.



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The Trail Rail Run is brought to you by The Trail 103.3, a progressive rock radio station located in Missoula, Montana and one of 11 stations in western Montana owned by Montana Radio Company.   Trail listeners are outdoor enthusiasts, so Montana Radio Company decided to bring the outdoors to our listeners with the Trail Rail Run.