2020 Trail Rail Run COVID-19 Update

May 8, 2020
Good Afternoon Racers,
After sincere consideration of the runners’, volunteers’ and our community’s safety in compliance with Governor Bullock’s restrictions the June 6th Trail Rail Run will continue for Montana residents only.
Runners are encouraged to have a driver to take them to their starting line to decrease the amount of individuals on busses to as few as possible while still maintaining social distancing guidelines. Options are described below for out of state runners or those in state runners who do not feel comfortable participating in the race due to COVID19. The 50 Mile and 50 Mile Relay starting line will be moved to Lookout Ski Pass, on the Montana side and will have a loop added to reach the 50 mile total. Awards and certificates will be mailed after the race and the end of race events will look significantly different, this information will be included in runner’s packets. Due to COVID19 we cannot make exceptions to the out of state participation guidelines.
The following options are available for out of state participants or runners who do not feel comfortable participating due to COVID19:

Option 1:
Deferral to 2021 with no added fee
Postpone for free to June 12, 2021
Racers who have already deferred from 2019 to 2020 may also defer to 2021 this year only with no added fee.

Option 2:
Participate in a Virtual Run June 6, 2020!
**Runners must show proof of completing their distance by 10pm Mountain Time on June 6, 2020 with a smart watch or GPS**
Bus Pass will be refunded
Finisher rewards and jackets for 50 Mile participants will be mailed no later than June 30th
This option is only available to runners who were registered prior to May 8, 2020

Option 3:
50% Refund of Race Entry Fee
Includes: 100% refund of bus pass
Excludes: Processing fees
This option is being offered only because there are so many other available options to runners and in order to maintain the race we must cover the upfront costs that have already gone out for all runners.

Option 4:
Donate Entry Fees to the Trail Rail Run/St. Regis Community Council
The St. Regis Community Council is the non-profit that sponsors the Trail Rail Run. This race would not have started without them! The St. Regis Community Council works to better the St. Regis Community by hosting Montana’s largest annual Memorial Weekend Flea-Market; the free Easter Egg Hunt; the 4th of July Parade and events; a New Year’s Eve Dinner, Dance and Fireworks; the annual Christmas Bazaar and Christmas Lighting Competition; Scarecrow Row Competition and Harvest Dance; St. Patrick’s Day Dinner and Dance; a Town-Wide Yard Sale and a beautiful building available for many private events in the community. The Community Council also donates to many individual school events and extracurricular activities as well as a yearly scholarship of $1500 to a graduating senior. The Trail Rail Run works in part with the Community Council to better the trail and the communities surrounding it. This year we were able to donate $3,000 to the betterment of the trail through the Route of the Olympian project working to improve 16 miles of trail and the Night Riders Association who are working to restore the Saltese Trestle. Donating your entry fees will ensure these types of activities and projects will continue regardless of our current pandemic.

Continuing with June 6, 2020:
Registration will continue as planned!
Registration fees will be locked in the “Looking Good for Race Day” bracket
Registration fees will increase on June 1st

*No deferrals or race changes will be noted until May 11th.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this process.
Happy Running,

Tyler M. Cheesman
Trail Rail Run Race Director
A St. Regis Community Council Sponsored Event