50 Mile Relay

Continuing the Popular Relay Event!

The 50 mile course of the Trail Rail Run lends itself perfectly to a relay course, with easy highway access at transition points.  We will continue to offer a 50 mile Team Relay.  Teams will be made up of 2-7 runners.

The course sets up nicely for up to 7 legs:

  • Mullan to Lookout (8 miles),
  • Lookout Pass to Taft Exit (9.5 miles downhill),
  • Taft to Saltese (7.5 miles),
  • Saltese to Deborgia (9 miles),
  • Deborgia to Ward Creek (7.5 miles),
  • and finally either
    • a 7.5 mile leg from Ward Creek to St. Regis
  • or
    • two shorter end legs
      • one from Ward Creek to Two Mile Road and then
      • the last leg from Two Mile Road to St. Regis (~3-4 miles each).

We feel the relay option gives folks the chance to see some of the wonderful sections of the 50 mile course when they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do so.  The relay will be group (overall) timed only (at least this first year), individual legs of the race will not be timed.  Relay team captains are responsible for changing runners in exchange zones and making sure the last runner wears the timing chip to cross the finish line.   A couple of extra exchange zones could be an option and we can discuss this with relay team captains.   The relay offers friends, co-workers, and families the option of completing the race as a team in a fun environment.

How to Set up Your Team!

  1. Team captains go into the registration page and create a team.
  2. Give your team a unique name and even upload a photo or image.
  3. Captains let your team members know to go and JOIN your team.
  4. Team members will add themselves to the team by JOINING and paying their own participation fee.

Email  trailrailrun@gmail.com with questions about the new relay event.

(Please note: only individual 50 mile runners receive a Patagonia Houdini jacket when the cross the finish line.)