Trail Rail Run TeamNothing is more fun than getting your running friends together and heading out for an adventure. At the Trail Rail Run we’re all about it. To honor that group effort there is a group discount operation in place. Here are the major points:

1. There are two levels of group discounts: 5-9 people and 10+ people.
2. Because the discount amount is based on group size, it will be RETROACTIVE and come as a REFUND. In other words, the amount will be determined and the refund will come to you after the event. That gives you up until the last minute to add people to your group.
3. Discounts range from $5 to $20 depending on what race, how many in your group and when you register.
4. Group members do not need to be running the same race.
5. What constitutes a group? Any group such as the Marathon Maniacs, 50 Staters, your running club, your business, your best running friends, etc.
6. If you have already registered and now have identified that there is a group with whom you are associated, no need to panic. Once your group has been established your registration can be adjusted to show your group participation.
7. It is a bit of an honor system and it worked well in our inaugural year. We hope you’ll take this is in the spirit in which it is intended so it can be continued.
8. You need to email me if you have a group.

So get your friends together and register for the Trail Rail Run!