Ham Operators and the Trail Rail Run

Cell phone reception is little to nonexistent in the narrow, cell-phone-tower-free canyon from Lookout to St. Regis which constitutes the Trail Rail Run.  Without the Ham Operators our ability to communicate everything from supply needs at the various aid stations, to medical needs for runners, would be difficult at best and far less timely.

Ham Radio Operators are the world’s biggest volunteers.  They travel far and wide, helping out for large and small events like the Trail Rail Run.  It costs them way more money to do this traveling than they receive in shirts and other event swag.

With the Ham Operators we can stay on top of the game, move supplies where needed, know where runners are on the course, communicate with the medical director, and much more.  Ham Operators  are a critical part of our Trail Rail Run event.

Please put your hands together for our amazing Ham Radio Operators that volunteer year after year!