Introducing your 2017 Race Director…

                Eight hours of hiking the unforgiving terrain, in not the best weather conditions, and on a day that we didn’t bring any dogs to cook over a fire at lunch time. I thought my nephew was never going to forgive me when we got off the mountain aroimg_20150716_233435und Two Mile Exit that evening.

“You still have about 45 minutes until dark,” my dad chuckled when he picked us up, “Do you want me to drop you back off somewhere?”  

“No, not today!” I laughed as I fell into his pickup.

My legs felt like they were torn to shreds and my shoulders ached from where my pack rode all day. For a moment I wondered why I would do this to myself. Then I let my head lay back on the rest and I closed my eyes. I could still see the never-ending breathtaking views from the mountain tops, I could still smell and breathe the fresh mountain air, and I could still sense the serene silence. The experience of the day is one that words can only attempt to describe but can never actually entirely explain.  The only way to grasp these moments is to actually exist and take part in them. Words and pictures can never take the place of the beauty experienced when spending time in the mountains surrounding and along the old Milwaukee and Northern Pacific Railroad grades. Awe yes, this is why I do this to myself…

I am one of the fortunate ones who are able to call this place my home and experience the beauty whenever time allows. With this love and knowledge of the area there is nothing I would rather do than share it with you as your 2017 Trail Rail Run Race Director.

To introduce myself, my name is Tyler Cheesman. I am a 3rd generation St. Regis resident, a 2010 graduate of St. Regis High School, and a graduate of the University of Montana. I currently work at St. Regis High School, I am a member of the Superior Area Ambulance Service, and I am a volunteer on the St. Regis Fire Department. I have been an active volunteer for the St. R
egis Community Council from the time I was a small child and I have participated in and volunteered with the Trail Rail Run from its creation.

Although I would love to run the 50-mile Trail Rail Run someday I will stick to the shorter race distances and hiking for now. I have a passion for the outdoors, especially the I-90 corridor where the trail leads and my family shares so many years of experiences and history in the mountains. I hope to share this love of the area with you and expand the Trail Rail Run while still keeping it family friendly with its small town feel.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the trail in 2017!