Parking in St. Regis and the Trail Rail Run

Parking in St. Regis is extremely limited.  When you arrive to catch your bus, please do not park in front of the St. Regis Travel Center on the road or in the parking lot.  There is no parking alongside the road.

The USFS made a special parking area for you.  You can see it on the map.

Come to St. Regis.  Turn left so you’re driving past the St. Regis Travel Center.  Pass the St. Regis Park sign.  Once you get past St. Regis Park, and about a mile from the St. Regis Travel Center, you’ll see a field on the right.  That is our special parking.  The great news about that is that it is super close to the finish line in the park!

There will be a shuttle to get you from parking back to the St. Regis Travel Center.  Or you can walk to stretch your legs.

Please do not come screaming into St. Regis at the last second before your bus leaves and park in the first parking lot you see.  Give yourself plenty of time to park in the correct spot and make it back to your bus on time.  St. Regis is a friendly but teeny tiny town and it doesn’t take very many cars parked all day before there is no parking at all for someone who is coming there to do something besides the Trail Rail Run, like purchase gas or a hamburger or antiques.

Thanks for being considerate of our hosts!