Shuttle Bus Departures

We’ve made some changes in shuttle bus departure times from last year, so please read carefully.

All bus shuttles to the respective starting lines will depart once again from the St. Regis Travel Center. The St. Regis Travel Center is located at the four way stop when you come off the interstate at Exit 33. You can’t possibly miss it. It will be open early to accommodate runners.

When you get to St. Regis, park in the USFS Helipad field approximately one mile from the St. Regis Travel Center. Someone will be directing you. We’ll have a shuttle going back and forth between the two, but don’t be late and press your luck.

Departure times are as follows:

50 Mile — 5:15 am

50K — 6:30 am

30K — 8:00 am

12K — 9:15 am

Bus drivers are not counting heads — they simply leave at the appointed time. So don’t be late!