“One of the best finish lines (location, music, food, beer, ambiance) ever.”

Primary Airports

Travelers have the choice of flying in to the Montana side or the Washington/Idaho side for this event.

Missoula International Airport

Missoula International Airport is 5 miles from downtown Missoula with plenty of places to stay and eat.  It is an hour and 15 minutes from St. Regis.


Spokane International Airport is just west of Spokane, and a little over two hours from St. Regis, Montana.

If you’re adventurous there are also more airports in Montana:


Great Falls







The Wallace Inn located in Wallace, Idaho, has offered a 10% discount if you simply identify yourself upon registration as a TRAIL RAIL RUNNER. Wallace, Idaho is about an hour from St. Regis, Montana.

Big Creek RV Park is located in Kellogg, Idaho

For a lengthy list of lodging in the area:


Big Sky Motel, Superior MT:

Black Diamond Guest Ranch, DeBorgia MT:  Call 406-678-4000.  Camping also available.

Lincoln’s Silver Dollar Inn, Haugan, MT:  call (406) 678-4242 or 800-531-1968

Little River Motel, St. Regis, MT:  406-649-2713

Lozeau Lodge, Lozeau, MT:

Mangold’s, Saltese, MT:

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort, Paradise, MT:

Super 8, St. Regis, MT: or call 406-649-2422


Nugget Campground and RV Park in St. Regis, 406-649-2122,

Campground St. Regis, 406-649-2470,

Forest Service rental cabins/bunkhouse/cookhouse at Savenac Nursery, 406-822-4233,

Cabin City Campground at Henderson exit,

Sloway Campground between Sloway & Dry Creek exits,

Trout Creek Campground 7 miles out of Superior,

Quartz Flat Campground on both sides of I-90 east of Superior,

Cascade Campground halfway down MT 135 between St. Regis and MT 200, 406-826-3821,

Numerous smaller dispersed sites with minimal improvements in all directions on National Forest property.


For Missoula, MT information a comprehensive list of lodging and eateries can be found at