Vo Knows … Racing Photography

If you have been following Trail Rail Run Facebook or Twitter posts you have seen photo credits being given to Vo-tography Images.  Behind Vo-tography Images is Volkmar von Sehlen, a.k.a., “Vo.”  Of course, Missoula area runners will recognize Vo’s name, or if not, at least his photos!  He’s out there on the trails with us – running, or if not running, taking our photos while we do!  That’s right – Vo is a runner.Trail Rail Run-44  He and his wife Jen have been active in Run Wild Missoula for years.  The couple trained for and ran in the first Missoula Marathon.  Vo has run the event every year since its inception, has been part of the organizing committee (and other committees).

Vo has also been part of the official Pacers Corps for the marathon for several years.   “I REALLY like pacing, motivating and helping other runners to finish THEIR marathon, and hopefully achieve their goal. It’s wonderful to introduce them to our beautiful area and city, talk to them about the Missoula Marathon, Missoula, Montana, our running community, running techniques, the course, and whatnot.  Even though those who start with me in Frenchtown, very often don’t finish ‘with’ me on Higgins bridge in downtown Missoula, but seeing them afterwards, getting hugs, hi-fives, and big smiles, to mention a few, is, besides the verbal ‘thank you’s, thanks enough.”Trail Rail Course-139

Besides running the Missoula Marathon every year, Vo has also run marathons in quite a few other states, Boston, and Europe.  Also, he’s run a few official 50-milers, and a few 54-milers, through the Bob Marshall Wilderness, in one day – just for fun.  He even ran the 48 mile, Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run at the Grand Canyon all in one day!

You may have seen Vo making you look good hopping over, or splashing through, a stream on the beautiful 11 Miles to Paradise run.  If you’ve braved the Rut at Big Sky, then Vo may have made you look like you were defying death!  He manages to get the most creative, adventure-enhancing views of our life on the trails.

Trail Rail Course-100

“I love what I do, and want people to be active, and inspired by my photos / actions to get off of the couch.  They don’t have to go out and run a 50-miler, just move more, and enjoy the stunning, Montana scenery and opportunities, which are right outside of our doors. ”

Trail Rail Course-59Vo is a formally, German-educated, certified professional photographer as well as formally trained photojournalist (U.S.).  At the age of six, Vo wanted to become a “Cameraman”. A “few” years later, he actually became one!  He started at his first photography-related job about 30 years ago. His professional journey spans over two continents and includes many different types of work, most of which, however, was in the field of photography.  He has spent most of his professional life in photography including some TV  and video.  Vo’s absolute love for photography shines through the stunning pieces of work he creates.Trail Rail Course-48

We at Trail Rail Run are big fans of Vo-tography Images!  We are appreciative of his work and his generosity in sharing his view of the world with us!

Check out more of Vo’s work at Votography Images, and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.