What Nutrition is on the Trail Rail Run Course?

Hammer Nutrition is our course nutrition sponsor. Besides water, you will find HEED and Endurolytes. Espresso Hammer Gels (with caffeine) are at Aid Stations #2 Brimstone, #4 Saltese, #7 Henderson and #9 Two Mile. Non-caffeinated Hammer Gels including peanut butter, huckleberry and vanilla are at all aid stations. At the finish line we have Recoverite.

You will also find an assortment of PB&J and PB&Honey sandwiches. #2 Brimstone, #5 Savenac, #7 Henderson and #9 Ward Creek have gluten free bread. Also Jelly Bellies, Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Rice Crackers with Nuts, Goldfish, Graham Crackers, and Dried Apricots at various aid stations.

The Aid Stations are ramping up for an informal cookie competition to provide the best home made cookies. Be sure to perform your taste tests and post your favorites on the Trail Rail Run Facebook page!